One Note On The Mets/Cubs Series

I just want to point one thing out:

At the beginning of the season, people looked to two teams as the “hopefuls” or the “potentials” to take over a playoff spot from an incumbent. Those two teams were the Mets and the Cubs.

The Mets had the pitching. The Cubs had the hitting. People debated which team would be better. People debated which team actually had a shot. It made the Mets and Cubs into rivals, of sorts. If nothing else, it made the matchup between the two teams a litmus test and a proving grounds to see which team was actually legitimate; to see which team has actually blossomed in the offseason and was now ready to compete for something (unless you count competing for .500 a thing).

Their season series is now over. The Cubs won 7 games. The Mets won 0. The litmus test has revealed the Mets players as a bunch of basic bitches and the organization as acidic and corrosive slimeballs. Tip your cap to Theo Epstein–he’s quite the GM.

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