Postblow/Preblow: Widening the 1st Place Gap

Mets 5, Braves 3

The Mets beat the red skinned maize-munchers and I’m shocked. The Braves–for my lifetime–have been the second scariest team (behind the Junkies). They’re auto-losses in my book. But last night we had a nice clean game. Big Sexy had the sex, Flores looked like Tulo, and even our bench players (Mayberry) contributed. Shit, even Soup had an RBI groundout. Boy, it’s a good thing we let Justin “Giantsbane” Turner walk, huh! He’s only the CLEANUP hitter for the run-smacking Dodgers now. 

We looked good, what can I say? We could really use Blevins to face Freeman, but otherwise we looked good…for 1 game…

Preblow: A real duel. deGrom vs Miller. They’re both in Cy Young contention at this point in the season. Very exciting. We’re fucked. We’ve got to continue to play OUR game, like last night. It all stems from dominant pitching. CGSO or bust should be written on Dan Warthen’s eyelids.

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