Postblow: Celebrate Winning 1 Out of 3!


Mets 5, Giants 4

The sycophantic Mets blogs will tell you to celebrate the walk-off win. They’ll tell you that we’re in 1st place. CEEELLLLEEEBBRRRAAATTEE GOOD TIMES, C’MON!!

I have things to point out:

1) The Nats are ALSO doodoo. NL Least for sure.

2) The Giants are NOT. They’re damn good. They made two mistakes all series. They were both in the 9th inning last night. An HBP and a PB. It cost them the sweep. Their fundies should be lauded for the most part.

3) How many times has Campbell or Flores or Murph made a ground ball error with Niese on the mound followed by a dinger? It happened last night. It’s happened before and will happen again. Fundies! Composure! We have neither.

4) The takeaway of the game: Duda got the IBB in the 9th and Cuddy made them pay. Biggest thing ever. 2006 Mets: Wright had Delgado and Beltran and Floyd around him…not to mention Reyes leading off. Wright and Duda haven’t been healthy at the same time yet in Mets history. If d’Arnaud and Cuddy can provide Duda with protection, he’ll rock it.

5) The Mets are 25-4 when scoring 4+ runs. Taken in the context of our record (32-29), this is perhaps the most ridiculous stat I have ever seen. It means, essentially, that we should be a 110 win team.

6) Plawecki is still dizzy as fuck.

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