Preblow: SF Should Have Their Brooms Handy

Hardly a matchup
Hardly a matchup

Tonight we’ll see Lincecum–who has found it again–battle Niese. Hmmm, I wonder who the polls are predicting to win this one…

All aboard the Sweep Express, CHOO CHOOOO. *Note: Jeff Wilpon will not be on the train, as he does not associate with the poors.

My war room [thank you war room!] has given me these numbers: Since our 11 game win streak, we have won 4 series (what’s the plural of series? Serieseseses?), split 2 series, and now have lost 8.

That win streak was in the long, LONG ago. This season has been dreadful. Fuck it. Bring up Conforto. Do something because we are fucking TERRIBLE.

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