Postblow: Harvey is Reeling

Stare 'em down all you want, but they're crushing dingers off of you.
Stare ’em down all you want, but they’re crushing dingers off of you.

Giants 8, Mets 5

Dang, Harvey sucks, huh? He sucks almost as much as our baserunning, which cost us about 3 runs yesterday.

Harvey has off-season lag. I’m not too worried about it. He didn’t pitch for 12 months. It’s natural. I’m MUUUUUCH more concerned with the O. We have the worst O I’ve ever seen ever ever ever ever…since last year’s team. Yesterday, Campbell stranded a runner on 3rd in back to back innings. Maybe the “trade hype” for Aramis Ramirez will pull through. Nah, let’s hold out. After all, David Wright will be back by May 15th.

But seriously, c’mon Harvey. 0-2 cheese to Posey are you fucking kidding? Keith really got him for this one. Stop trying to out-BARK and out-BITE everyone. Get smart, Matt! That was the turning point of the game. Inexcusable.

Sideblow: Joe West is sooooo bad. The new replay initiatives show that he is maybe actually blind.

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