Transaction Blows

Movin' n shakin'
Movin’ n shakin’

1) Kirk New-in-Hice (fucking the spelling now!) was acquired by the Angels. Glad we spent two months (and five years) “evaluating” him at the major league level before deeming he’s not even worth a spot in Vegas.

2) The Mets will go with a 4-man bench and a 6-man rotation until (at least) August. I’m all for it. Hopefully the rotation doesn’t revolt. It’s a 6-man rotation or no innings in September ya mooks! Deal with it.

3) Vic Black is ready to return from the DL, according to Warthen. This news, conspiratorially, comes 1 day after a big fat bullpen collapse. In future news: Black was rushed back in too quickly, and his arm fell off.

4) Travis d’Arnaud is expected back next week. He’s expected by Metsblow to suffer a major setback sometime between now and next week.

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