Happy Postblow: Mets Sweep Phils But Who Gives a Shit?

Mets 7, Phils 0

Wow, and we did it against an ELITE pitcher like uhhh…whatever nameless scrub the Phils had going.

The Mets shill media will again be all over this one. “WOW, SWEEP!” “METS BATS WAKE UP!” Blah blah fuck you. The Mets basically had those Mickey Mouse Fantasia brooms with them. Don’t get the analogy? Neither do I. The point is: The Phillies FUCKING BLOW. KAKADOOKIE x a billion. They’re the worst team in the league. Don’t be fooled. At least they have a chip and something like 5 straight division titles to show for it. We had 1 division title befoure our kakadookie half-decade. Also watch the Phils turn it around in 2 years, whereas the Mets took 6 (and maybe more).

We did hit some dingers. Cuddy had another upper deck blast. Thor, in addition to his 7.1 shutout innings, also hit a blast. Duda hit two. Thor and deGrom and Niese are all better hitters than anybody on our bench.

Off day tomorrow. A win is a win and a sweep is a sweep. The doodyshit Marlins come to Queens this weekend. Then, we’re off to the west coast where nobody will stay up late to watch the Mets get their shit pushed in by mediocre teams…unless TDA comes back! TDA! TDA!

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