Pre/Postblow Whatever Fuck You

Mets lost 9-1 to the Pirates yesterday. Sweepadeep.

Who gives a shit. It’s over. Pour one out for your boy D-Wright. And now his watch has ended.

The Giants designated Casey McGehee for assignment. He’s hitting .200, so basically he’s better than anyone on the Mets. Another team’s trash is the Mets’ cleanup hitter. SCRAP HEAP! SCRAP HEAP!

By the way, at some point in the game, the Mets struck out 3 times with a man on 3rd and nobody out. AMAZIN’!

I’m optimistic about the team. We’ll have the pitching to contend next year. We’ve been “5 years away” forever. We’re actually 1 away now. Best news ever.

Also Matt Harvey has dead arm. Also Duda has a pulled hammie (he’s in the lineup today, so prepare for it to get pulled worse).

The Mets play the Phillies today. The Mets have scored fewer runs per game in the month of May than the on-paper-consensus-worst-offense-in-the-league. NOPE! WRONG! It’s the Mets. The Mets are worse…than the over-the-hill, no-chance Phillies. Wow. Metsblow.

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