Postblow: I Told Them To Cancel The Damn Game

Cards 10, Mets 2

In the preblow, I told them to cancel. This game was pointless. We all knew this is how it was gonna go.

Jon Niese will shoulder–if he has any muscle left in there–the blame for this loss. That is unjust. Yes, he got done up. Yes, he deserves an L. However, we DON’T SCORE RUNS. At all. We are a travesty on offense. He deserves an L but not all the blame.

That 10-run inning a few days ago was the worst thing that could’ve happened to us. Now, at the end of the month, the Jewpons will say, “no no no, we’re hitting! We don’t need to spend any money. Our runs/game aren’t so bad!” Of course, Mets fans know that 10-run inning was the exception that proves the rule. The rule is: we’re not allowed to hit.

So it’s time to make a move. If a move isn’t made by the all-star break, we will not make the playoffs. We probably won’t anyway, but a move could help. How about Niese or Gee for Victorino straight up? A starting OF with 2 rings? Naaaaahhh. How bout any fucking pitcher for any fucking hitter? Ya know–to make our team better? Naaaaahh.

Oh and P.S. we are now tied for 1st place with the Nats. It’s gonna be NECK and NECK the whole way through! Wow, what a tight race you guys! Really gonna come down to the wire! Metsblow. Minimum 10 games back by season’s end. Lock.

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