Postblow: Mets Win? I Think? Anybody Still Awake?

Had they put the camera on Keith, you would've seen a bottle.
Had they put the camera on Keith, you would’ve seen a bottle.

Mets 2, Cards 1. F/14

Snoooooze. You can’t blame TC for bringing in Familia. He blew his first save, but that’s not the issue. The issue is, of course, the (lack of) hitting. We are flat out fucking boring. More importantly, this is our shot. Repeat: THIS IS OUR SHOT. You know why? Because Harvey is already done with this team. Has anyone in the history of baseball ever put up two straight scoreless starts and won neither? This is our shot. We have this three-year window and then Harvey is gone, probably to the Yankees, or maybe to the Cardinals.

A pro (probably the only pro) for the game was that after 9, Keith really didn’t give a fuck. He went full Harry Doyle. I’m talking pants undone and Irish coffees done. Load groans at our futility after each AB. He’s a ballplayer and he’s a fan, so it hurts double for him to watch this schlock.

We won the game, but we are a far inferior team. This is best exemplified by our potential insurance run (Wilmerrr!!!) getting picked off in the bottom of the 8th, only to watch the Cards push all the right buttons and run the bases like champs in order to manufacture the tying run in the top of the 9th. Familia was barely touched up. The run scored on a shallow sac fly and a better-armed RF guns out the runner every time. You forgive Grandy for his weak arm and mediocre fielding when he’s hitting 40 dingers each year. Oops. I’m not sure if any amount of hitting could forgive Flores’ play right now, but he IS hitting a bit…for now. We can’t hit and we can’t play defense but man oh man do we have great pitching. Such a shame. We could be a 100 win team with an average team behind this rotation.

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