Preblow: Mets vs. Cards; Sandy Alderson Speaks

The 22-16 Mets (in 1st place by half a game!) host the Cards (25-12, 1st place in NL central, best record in baseball) this week.

A few quotes from Sandy Alderson about the upcoming 4-game series against the Cards:

“It was good to take 2 out of 3 against the Brewers before the inevitable assramming the Cards will give us.”

“They have good pitching and good hitting. What a bunch of goody-goods. We’re a bit too cool for that.”

“We’re excited to have Harvey going tonight. We’re excited to lose only 1 or 2 to nothing against Lackey.”

“Wacha vs. Niese tomorrow? Go ahead and cancel it. Just cancel the game.”

“Can’t believe we’ve got 4 games against these guys. Somebody think of the children!”

“The good news is that David Wright will be back by May 15. That should give us a nice boost.”

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