Get Your Blood Boiling With This True Story About the Wilpons

A most punchable face.

So here at Metsblow, we like to make things up and use hyperbole to illustrate our justified concerns about the Wilpons. The following contains none of that. It is simply a story passed along to me by someone who has inside information at St. John’s University.

Chris Mullin is the new St. John’s coach, so the Yankees offered to have him throw out the first pitch at a game. Fine.

The Mets/Wilpons heard about it and made Mullin an offer as well: Throw out the 1st pitch, but only if you either

A) Buy 500 mets tickets and bring a bunch of St. John’s students out to a game


B) Throw out the first pitch 1 day before the Yankees first pitch

JOOZ! Fucking Jooz!! I hate them so much. I wouldn’t let them into my home if they were crying/starving/seeking asylum. Someone hire a Faceless Man to give them the gift.

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