Preblow: The Mets Have Conceded the Game and the Series

Get the brooms out.
Get the brooms out.

The Cubs came into this series with something to prove–that THEY were worthy of a WC this year. They have shown that the Mets are completely inept, and that the Cubs are the only team worthy of being called, “the team that sucked ass last year but is serious this year.”

Jon “Been Fuckin Awesome This Year” Niese will face a lefty with a 5 ERA today, and the Mets will lose.

Mayberry is batting 5th. Wow. Is Kirk in the lineup today? Collectively, they are K-May. When they bat, it May be a K!…or it May be a backwards K! The K-May kids!

With Mayberry, Recker, etc. in the lineup, we have conceded. The game is over. Metsblow.

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