Happy Recap: Mets Bats Come Alive Against Tough Pitching; 1st Place Now A Lock!

No helmet can hold Big Sexy.
Good thing this interleague game was NL hosted

Mets 3, Orioles 2

“The Mets scored a tremendous 3 runs last night…”

So I lifted that headline and opening sentence from Metsblog. God I hate the fucking Mets media. They didn’t actually write that, but they basically write something like that every night. Here’s something they actually DID write before last night’s game: Juan Lagares has hit in all 14 home games this year, during which he’s batting .377. Guess how many hits he had today! Go on, guess! I’ll wait. Guess! …Metsblog, killing streaks since 2007.

Boy do we need Tolo keep testing clean. If his current pace is maintained, is he a Hall of Fame candidate? He’s tested positive and he got the international waters arm surgery, but his numbers are close to there. Two more years of this, and it’s legit. Of course, his win totals are skewed because of all the offensive help we give him…

As far as this game was concerned, Big Sexy brought the sex. Familia let up a dinger to Crash Davis but locked down the save. If the Mets had blown this one, there’d have been a riot. Norris, the O’s pitcher, came in with an ERA of 13, and thanked the baseball gods for an opportunity to face our lineup and get back to a respectable ERA. To be fair, Norris is a right hander, and you know how we do against right handers with ERAs over 10.

Colon has now defeated the Orioles with 7 different teams. Ballin. deGrom goes for the 2-game-series sweep tonight.

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