Preblow: Can We Sweep The Orioles Off The Street?

The Mets go for the sweep tonight. Yes, two games count as a sweep! It’s a two game series, gah!

They snapped their scoreless streak last night in the 4th, and then proceeded to start up a new one. I get it, you can’t score every inning. The Mets sure do love taking innings (re: games) off at the plate, though.

deGrom against Ubaldo tonight. deGrom is coming off a pair of bad outings, and Jimenez is coming off a pair of bad seasons. Actually, his 2013 wasn’t so bad, but his 2012 was atrocious. He’s over the hill, so our lineup presents a perfect opportunity for him to recapture his old magic.

Let’s sweep the O’s off the street. Let’s put the beatdown on them. They think they can rise up? We should just murder them all and be cleared of all charges without trial. Is that a thing that can happen?

I saw a pair of fully-decked-out-in-O’s-gear fans walking my way last night, and I, in my Mets cap, flipped them off and yelled, “fuck you!” They were shocked and frightened. They must’ve been from the Maryland suburbs or something. Baltimore citizens would never be so soft.

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