Preblow: Mets Trying to Make Montero Look Like Shit With This Lineup

From Ninja Turtle to Mets pitcher...
From Ninja Turtle to Mets pitcher…

Rafael Montero–yes, I know it’s a different spelling than the ninja turtle–will be making a “spot” (re: audition) start for the Mets today and WHOA holy shit look at that lineup!

Are we completely phoning this one in? Tejada at SS, Recker at C, Kirk out in LF, and Campbell batting cleanup? Give Montero a freakin’ chance, at least!

For sucks sake, it’s time to promote Reynolds and Herrera. We can’t have lineups like this. We just can’t.

The Marlins starter, David Phelps, is only in because of Henderson Alvarez’s injury, so perhaps our quadruple-A lineup can do something against this quadruple-A pitcher.

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