Preblow: Mets Take Their Talents to South Beach

mets at marlins

Tonight, tomorrow, and the next day, all at 7:10pm, the Mets are playing in Miami. The Mets are coming off the sloppiest game I’ve ever seen, but they are still in 1st place and in control (sort of). The Mets may also be jet-lagged, as they did not arrive in Miami until 6am this morning. Meanwhile, Keith “I Don’t Do Winter” Hernandez took an earlier flight and has been soaking in the sun with a piña colada in one hand and…well…probably a piña colada in the other hand, too.

Keys to the Series:

~Montero, making a “spot” start that the team swears isn’t an audition to take Gee’s place, needs to pitch well. This is technically our #6, or #7 if you count Wheeler, or #9 if you count Wheeler, Thor, and Matz. Let’s see what the kid can do. This is what our team is all about.

~Pretenders vs. Contenders once again. We have to stomp on our DREADFUL division opponents. The Marlins think they’re hot because they just stomped on the Phillies, and that’s fine. We were hot when we stomped on the Phillies, Marlins, and Braves.

~Shitty, shitty baseball cannot be tolerated. The Marlins are winning because they’ve been playing virtually error free for a week. Last night, we were completely bush league on the national stage. Mental mistakes and dogshit fielding cost us the game and the series against the NY-AL team. Now, we can crawl back to our cozy SNY 7:10p time slot and quietly go about our business.

P.S. I don’t hate John Kruk. He was a Philly, so there’s some bitterness there, but really, the dude knows how to hit and isn’t a bad color man. But I absolutely can’t STAND other broadcasters. Curt “I Didn’t Come From No Monkey” Schilling is awful. ESPN is awful and they really drag the games out. Let’s say the Mets make the playoffs (PLAYOFFS!?!?). Is there some way our guys can still cover the games? I know Ron Darling does TBS games but that’s not enough. Gary, Keith, and Ron 4eva eva.

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