Preblow: Plawecki and Pitching

Kevin Plawecki
Kevin Plawecki

Aaaaaand he’s injured.

Ok, not yet. So our 4-5-1 in the rotation is going up against the Braves 4-5-1 this series. We won’t hit Teheran (though he did get shelled last start against Toronto) so Colon’s really gotta bear down.

The bigger message of this series is the 4-5. This is where we separate from them. We’re supposed to have a 4-5 that would be 2s on other teams. Their 4-5s are stop-gap doodoo minor leaguers or has-beens. This is a perfect opportunity for Plawecki to get his sea legs.

This is what supposedly makes us contenders, even more so than Harvey or whatever; that we are WITHOUT A HOLE in the rotation, and they have two holes. Stick it in their holes.

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