Mets Going With 6-Man Rotation

Montero got sent down, but he’s coming back in ten days and the Mets are going 6-man-carousel-of-carnage.

I love the move. I think our staff is swinging huge dick. We’re saying that some teams have 2 or 3 viable starters and we have 6. They can all do it, so let’s do it.

Also, protect Harvey and deGrom’s arms. And keep them hungry. Let Harvey get angry and drooly in his cage and unleash him every 6th day with even more to prove.

P.S. Anyone saying a 5-man rotation is “correct” is retarded. There’s no rule saying that. And even if there was, rules are meant to be broken. “Conventional Wisdom” used to say that you couldn’t eat pig. Well, the Mets are going bacon on this bitch. 

P.P.S. It might be a 5.5 man rotation because Terry sometimes gets cute. 

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