Happy, Scrappy Mets Recap: 1st Place!!

D-d-d-d-do the Mets have it?
D-d-d-d-do the Mets have it?

Mets 7, Fins 5

Such a scrappy, gutsy win. And the Mets have sole possession of 1st place to show for it. Multiple comes-from-behind (the ladies love it), and multiple groans from Keith (the ladies love it) about the game taking too long.

Other than Gee’s idiotic decision to throw Stanton a 3-2 strike with 1st base open in the 1st inning, he pitched well. It’s amazing how good our 5th starter is. He’s supposed to be a smart pitcher (he doesn’t have the best stuff so he relies on his intellect) and that was a DUMB pitch, but otherwise he looked good. One of his runs was inherited on Montero’s bases loaded walk (another dumb pitch).

It was a day where Reyes got hurt (with a lingering case of the METS) and Flores hit a 3-run dinger. Sandy Alderson, you baseball maverick!!

Notes on game-length and the 6 minute instant replay review: First of all, what an incredible move by Ichiro. Wow, is he INCREDIBLE or what? 1st ballot hall-of-famer with anything less than 90% of the votes would be a travesty. Before he became a Yankee, I lived in Tokyo while the WBC was going on. I seriously considered getting his jersey, but I didn’t have the Yen. I’m glad I didn’t, because fuck the Yankees. My Beltran jersey has been shelved, though I’m happy I have one, but anyway I digress…getting the calls right is what matters.

Keith is hilarious. Imagine being at your 9-5 day job (poor you), and at 2:30 knocking on your boss’s door and saying, “uuugggghhh is it 5 yet!?” Now imagine doing that every day. That’s what Keith does. And it’s ballin. Truly ballin. Here’s the thing, though: Keith is IN FAVOR of getting the calls right. We all are. It’s just about getting the call right quickly. What needs to be done is the complete removal of all human officiating. The Age of Robots is at hand. Just have robots do it all instantaneously. The end. It’s soooooo simple, but the god damn unions and old fogies are resisting our robotic umpire overlords.


If I was King of Sports (or King of the World), world peace and not letting the Yankees win because of Jeff Maier are priorities #1 and #1A.

P.S. Money Muno called up from Vegas! $_$

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