The Mets Are Having a Stellar Spring

…and that means precisely dick. Don’t be fooled (it is April 1st, after all) and don’t be hornswoggled.

Yes, there have been some great things. The Mets starting rotation has looked incredible. For me, the stat that jumps out the most is that in 68 and 2/3 innings of work, they have only given up 10 walks. They’re in control. They’re sharp. I love it.

But hold the fucking phone! Don’t forget this is Spring fucking training. It means NOTHING. How many more walks will they give up when they’re not facing minor leaguers who go fishing? Don’t forget that Murphy is still hurt. Don’t forget that our record is 0-0, just like everyone else’s.

Let’s save it. I’m excited, and you are too, and that’s great. But let’s save it. MONDAY IS GO TIME, BABY!!

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