Pecan Sandy vs. The Tan Dandy

Alderson hates Collins. The Wilpons hate Collins. The media is all over it. Collins is a “bad manager,” so they don’t like him.

Collins, looking quite leathery with his deep, Florida tan, said he has not thought about retiring after this year. The club has a 2016 option on him.

Is Collins a bad manager? Alderson seems to think so. And remember, Alderson is a baseball maverick. 

Collins’ biggest mistakes were probably continuing to play players like Jason Bay and Ruben Tejada rather than suiting up himself and having former hitting coach Lamar Johnson hit.

2014 is–on paper–different. This is the first time the lineup isn’t total dogshit. If the team stays healthy (Murphy is already out), this is the first time Collins can be judged. Every other year is completely unfair. He didn’t have men. He had a minor league squad. Winning was impossible. It is completely unfair to judge Collins up to this point. 

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