Matt Cerrone Blows; Eats Dog Doo

Matt Cerrone, the Metsblog douche lackey of the Wilpons, just wrote, “It’s worth noting that actual Mets fans will be in the stands, enjoying the show.” This is in reference to all the #HarveyDays that are coming up.

In the words of Leo DiCaprio, “you two-faced faggot!” You sycophantic, brown-nosing, boot-licking, doormat puppet domesticated cornball bitch. Wipe baby Jeffy’s bottom and kiss it. Tell him how yummy his baby farts smell.

Fuck you. Don’t ever talk to me about real fans–about “actual” fans. Don’t ever tell me what to do. Don’t ever tell me to give the Wilpons a god damn cent of my money. Are you gonna buy tickets for all the actual fans? Fuck you. How dare you imply that you’re even a Mets fan.

P.S. The cable company monopoly on sports is bullshit, too. I pay nearly $200/month just so I can have SNY. Girls don’t have cable TV anymore. They should offer an a la carte/dim sum kinda menu.

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