The Lack of Depth at Catcher

Dillon Gee will replace Zack Wheeler in the rotation. Great. Depth. Nice. It’ll do. Let’s move on.

The Mets severely lack depth everywhere else. We have NO lefty reliever. We have NO shortstop. We are relying on Brittlebones Cuddyer to start in the outfield and simultaneously back up the currently injured Lucas Duda at 1st and David Wright at 3rd, who suffered last year’s most debilitating and derailing injury.

And at catcher? We have the oft-injured Travis d’Arnaud. He figures to be a franchise linchpin. He had a great 2nd half last year. He was acquired for Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey. He has lots of promise, and also lots of injuries. Last year, he was backed by Anthony “Golden Chin” Recker. He’s very burly. He bats a robust .175 or so and occasionally can hit a home run. To put it simply, he sucks ass. So what about Kevin Plawecki? Everyone seems to love him. Today, in the bottom of the 9th, he let up a walkoff passed ball. Awesome.

d’Arnaud is the first legitimate catcher since Lo Duca in ’06. Oh and the times we made the playoffs before that? Mike Piazza. And in ’86? Gary Carter. There’s a reason the pitcher is 1 and the catcher is 2 in score-book shorthand. It’s because the pitcher is the most important guy out there, and the catcher is the second most important. Look at the Yankee dynasties (until your eyes bleed and you can’t look anymore). Yogi Berra, Jorge Posada…no coincidence that they sustained greatness. The current Giants dynasty? Hello, Buster Posey. The reason the Giants didn’t even make the playoffs in 2011? Hello, Buster Posey injury.

d’Arnaud has gotta stay healthy. And is that possible given that the Mets have been employing Dr. Nick for the past decade? Not bloody likely. Call Dr. Nick and ask him yourself. 1-800-DOCTORB. The B is for bargain!

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