Happy Get Nervous As Fuck Day!

Matt Harvey will start for the Mets on SNY today at 1 pm ET as his team faces the Tigers at Tradition Field. It will be Harvey’s first start in a game since undergoing Tommy John surgery in October of 2013.

How nervous am I? Very. VERY VERY. This is what it will be for the whole season. Any enjoyment will be mitigated by paranoia. For every pitch, I will be on pins and needles. All Mets fans will be. It’s going to be excruciating. But this is the crucible we must go through. Harvey needs to prove it. He needs to be the Ace and Cy Young winner and the Dark Knight. He needs to establish dominance. We won’t be satisfied until we reach the promised land. He has to stay healthy and prove that we’re a playoff team this year, and then we make the necessary tweaks and go all the way next year. That’s blind faith for ya.

I was at Citifield for the Harvey-Strasburg game in 2013. What a glorious win that was. Let’s see it in the playoffs. Happy Harvey Day. Metsblow.

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