What form of METS disease will Michael Cuddyer get?

We all know it’s coming. He won’t be the first and he won’t be the last person to come down with a case of the METS.

Here are the Vegas odds as to what type he will get:

1:1 – nagging injury or season ending injury late in season, around 50 games missed

2:1 – season ending injury early in season, over 100 games missed

5:1 – inexplicable* decline in performance, no other symptoms

8:1 – smashes into another player or wall. Remains in lineup despite injury and severe loss in production

10:1 – PED suspension

25:1 – Makes an ugly error costing the Mets a game, and costing Cuddyer his confidence for the rest of the season

500:1 – Hay fever

Place your bets!

*When this one happens, people will try to explain it by saying his Colorado numbers were inflated. While this could potentially explain a decline of about 5 dingers, we’ll see what the apologists say when he’s gone from 20 to 0.

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