One moooore thing on Piazza/HOF

Mike Piazza wasn’t elected to the hall of fame despite having no official ties to steroids. 1) He’ll get in next year. 2) People that didn’t vote for him (such as Daily News scum writer Bill Douche Madden) said things like, “I have suspicions” that Piazza did steroids. That means he chose to follow the notion of, “GUILTY until proven INNOCENT.” His citizenship should be revoked.

Please remember what it means to be an American. Remember the beauty of this country’s constitution and it’s laws and remember that if we actually practiced what we preached, we’d be the most progressive, peaceful, productive country in the known universe.

Bill Douche Madden – the daily news is pure fucking trash and you should be exiled from the country for your angry-mob-like bastardization of our laws.

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