Ceciliani to Replace Nieuwenhuis…and Cuddyer?

The Mets are bringing up Greasy Ceciliani because Cap’n Kirk sucks ass.¬†Metsblow. We know, we know, oh, oh.

But what about Cuddyer? He’s got full blown METS. He struck out in a must-not-strikeout situation last night. He fucking sucks. Why does he suck? Like I said, full blown METS. There’s no other explanation. It’s not age. It’s not injury. It’s the METS. That’s it. You don’t go from an OPS of .809 to .650 (the second¬†lowest among left fielders) overnight. It doesn’t happen to anyone but the Mets. There’s no other explanation. It’s a fucking curse.

We need a shortstop! Good god do we need a shortstop! Well guess what, we need a left fielder, too.