I guess I’m Up?

It says, “hope springs eternal,” ok? It went by quickly on my TV and this was all I could snap. You get the idea. Fuck you.

Welllll, we got GOT again, Mets fans. MLBTV put out a god damn ad essentially letting Mets fans know that the only thing worse than being a basement team is being an also-ran.

I’ve been in a coma since attending a certain 1-game playoff game a few months ago. Mr. Metsblow went catatonic, which is admittedly better than Mr. Familia beating his wife. Hey, it’s a cultural thing!

Lost Tolo. Signed Yo. Get your sleeves ready. This commercial really jolted me. I hope they paid Thor for it. But basically (totally paraphrasing) he tweeted out that October baseball sucks ass (for Mets fans) and is awesome in March. That sounds about right. 

Ya gotta believe? Oh, the rotation is stacked? I think it’s missing 300lbs aka our definitive #2 starter from last year. Not to mention an affordable healthcare plan. The Jewpons won’t even spring for painkillers for Matz. We did get Yo. We bee-leeve in Yo. Yo is proven. The rotation has not proven to be more than competitive with potential for either greatness or decimation from injury. 

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