That Game Was Rigged…and it’s OK

Mets & Marlins players hug before the game…and it wasn’t sarcastaball

“I don’t care who you are, who you root for or how badly you want the Mets to be in the postseason, that was phenomenal,” said Gary Cohen after Dee Gordon launched an upper deck blast to start the bottom of the 1st.

So the Marlins had to win that game. It was rigged by the umps, the Gods, and even the Mets themselves, I suppose. Keith mentioned that there was no way the Mets would muster the usual competitive grit required of a baseball team and I agree. Rigging aside, we were outplayed. We had opportunities and squandered them. The Marlins really, REALLY wanted the W and they got it. 

Well done, everyone. It was heavy as fuck. It was extraordinarily sad and I respect everything that was done. 

Now Thor takes the hill. Now it’s back to baseball. It’s a good thing the Cards and Giants both blow. Let’s make the fucking playoffs. 

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