Worst Loss of the Year


Let me take you through this game one beat at a time…

~La Potenciaaaaaa!!

~Matz is dealing. That’s good. Got an edge on lefty Freeman.

~I love Loney’s aggression. Braves suck. With flawless execution, Loney would have been out by 15 feet. Like the Royals, stupidly aggressive baserunning works against teams that can’t play baseball. I also love the sarcastic cheer when we got a run in NOT via the HR. Standing ovation.

~Frenchie! Damn, still up 3-2. Gotta hold them. Cancel the season if we lose this game/series to the Braves. You know 3 runs is our quota. We ain’t scoring again. Not against the LEEETHAL Braves pen.

~Collins is taking Matz out!? FUCK COLLINS. 99 pitches. Are you fucking kidding me? Who are we bringing in? Henderson? OK, let’s see if we can g…FUUUUUUCCCKK COLLINS!!! (First pitch dinger…really impressive).

~We’re the worst team in the league. Inciarte could have scored on the previous wild pitch, but Rivera did just enough. Two fucking WPs in a row. He was only on 3rd because Grandy let him advance. Really amazing stuff. Ender’s gaming is hard. Go-ahead run on a sequence of events like that. Wow.

~Braves are TERRIBLE!! Error in the bottom of the 9th! Gotta take advantage.

~OOOOOOOOOH we’re the worst team ever!! Team speeeeeeeeed! Team baserunning! Ghosts of Murph! The stupid baserunning that Loney did earlier had NOTHING on this one. Flores was about by 30 feet. Could’ve been 2nd & 3rd and nobody out. We’re absolutely terrible. Worst game of the year.

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