Mets are Terrible but Brewers are Worse

Image of Mets baserunners after being stranded all game and all season.

Wow so this is the difference between a below .500 team and a shitty team with bad coaching but with lots of talent.

The Mets are terrible. Plawecki is the new Soup. The lineup is not complete with him in it. The baserunning was atrocious. Jelly?! You’re supposed to be a vet! Wilmer got sooooo lucky on the game winning play. He was dead to rights but the Brewers are just retarded and terrible. We stranded a million runners. Soooo awful. No situational etc. etc. fuck Collins. 

We got lucky with replays, too. At home and at 3rd. We should’ve lost this game.

Yo hit one to the moon. That was cool.

Cap’n Kirk made a great catch. We know he can field, though.

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