More Boring than 2015? Than Soccer??

I’m not even gonna really talk about it because it was so boring and also because I’m supposed to be at work. 

But really quick, Niese mowed us down. Elite pitchers like Kershaw, MadBum, Jose, and Jon Niese really can’t be stopped, huh? 

More importantly, we lost both games of a doubleheader 3-1. Our pitching has let up about 2.3 runs/game this week and we’ve lost every time. 

Is this worse than 2015? Because in 2015, I didn’t expect much hitting. Call everyone up! Where’s Dilson? 

In Game 2, the Pirates got two runs on a groundout and an infield single. The Mets haven’t gotten one run that way all fucking season! Fire Kevin Long? Fire Terry? This isn’t fucking soccer, people!! 

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