Pray for Everyone

Are there any healthy players left?

Pray for Yoenis!!

Pray for Asdrubal. Pray for Juanny. At least Lonestar looks like he’s got that big schwartz. Pray for him, too.

Now let’s look at a couple of things Collins did wrong today:

  1. ROBLES!? Really!? In a tie game!?
  2. Plawecki?! Choooof. Plawecki has responded to the rising tide of Rivera by completely caving. He’s making mental mistakes (he didn’t know he could make a force out today–that’s unreal bush) as well as batting worse than ever.

Obviously, bringing in Familia in a save situation was the right move. I don’t know why Familia is having so much trouble but with a 3-run lead, he let up only(?) 1 and so it’s good enough. He’s gotta work through it.

Harvey Day tomorrow. Up against Fernandez (the best pitcher in the league right now). SO BIG!

2 thoughts on “Pray for Everyone

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