Mets Win; Duda Officially Dead

Eatin up lefties as always! Beatin up Gio as always!

Grandy in instead of Conforto? Pushing all the right buttons, TC. Let the kid play, dammit. Even if Grandy went 4 for 4, it’s still the wrong call. Glad he took one for the team. Ended up scoring on Cap’n’s blast. The hbp rattled Gio. Well done, Curtis. I know why TC loves you batting leadoff. We all do. But Conforto needs to be out there somehow someway keep coming up with funky new shit like every single day.

Even Soup got a sac fly. Choooof. Unless they move Conforto to 1B or let Ty Kelly (the new Jelly) play, I think we’re stuck with Soup. Pray for him.

Harvey vs Strasburg tonight. Oh boy. 

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