What’s Wrong With Harvey?


What’s wrong with Matt Harvey? I’ll tell you what’s fucking wrong. We scored ZERO runs!! How about that for a fucking stat? Everybody’s all up on him. Yeah letting up someone’s first career homer is bad. Yeah letting up 3 in 5.2 against a dogshit offense is bad. Yeah I’m worried about his trajectory. But hold the fucking phone, we got ONE FUCKING HIT. Uhhh, yeah I’m not a math guru but I’m pretty sure that if you score zero runs, even MadBum ain’t gonna get the W. Derrrrrp.

Win the series. That’s all that matters. 2 out of 3 at home against the Braves. Good enough.

Division Blow: Papelbon aka Captain Chokeslam let up 3 runs against the Royals and blew it hard. What a mook. I can’t believe he’s still on the Nats. They’re so dumb.

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