Mejia Banned For Life

“I don’t want you bidniss no more.” -Joe the fruit store guy and also apparently the commish.
Well, Mejia has reached a new level of baller status. He doesn’t give a FUCK. Wow. I respect it. It takes a special kind of indifference/cool/delusion/apathy to do what he did. I’m impressed.

More importantly, pray that Wheeler comes back strong and that Tolo can move into a beneficial bullpen role. Pens are always the toughest to predict. Obviously, it’s a shame that Mejia is out (for doing what everyone does…but more often and with outdated drugs and more recklessly?) and it’s a shame that we lost Clip but we move forward. Start the damn season already.

P.S. How fucking good is Team Banned? Shoeless Joe, Pete Rose, and now they have a stud closer. Great team.


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