Neil Walker & Asdrubal Cabrera


Everybody on the Mets wants Cespedes back.

I’ve thought about the moves that the Mets recently made for a day or two. I know today’s whippersnappers want all their news instantaneously, and that’s fine, but a quality product takes time. Go to Di Fara’s.

Anyway, about the moves, the Mets really like blowing a big deal and then having a backup to bounce back with, huh? Plan B works for both the Mets and for scrambling up and queefing out some eggs. 

Except, last time the bounce back was Cespedes. Walker is good. Cabrera is good. Both the contracts are good. Whoopdee-shit, we’re better. We still lack the fucking impact bat. Somebody ask Mike Piazza: When was the last time the Mets made the playoffs two fucking years in a row?

The Cubs just got Heyward for 8/184. Get Cespedes for 6/138. You’d be fucking retarded not to. That goes for both sides. Yes, Cespedes has the POWAH, but Heyward has the yoot. There’s nothing like power when it comes to hitting; dingers are the great equalizer in a game where pitching usually wins. However, when it comes to contracts, age is paramount. 

Oh and finally, Jacob deGrom–the fucking stud that he is–said, “Everybody would like him to come back, but that’s out of our control. It’s just us hoping.” 

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