Murphy Declines Qualifying Offer

First of all, fuckin’ gays are all over the place. Second, this WOULD be good news if the Mets could get Zobrist. 

Here’s what will actually happen: We’ll get a 1st round pick and Murph will go to SF, NYY, or another strong competitor in 2016. Our 1st round pick should come up at just about the time that we lose Harvey. 

Also, we won’t get Zobrist or even Jelly. Herrera will get 500 ABs. He looked like dog doo in the Show. If he gets 500 ABs (seems likely at this point), the O/U is .245/.300 and I’m taking the under both times, and I’m also setting a prop bet that if he magically is hitting .265 or better by June, he will get injured. 

So it’s not official yet, I guess, but say goodbye to Murph. Would’ve loved if you called the bluff and accepted the offer, but sadly I understand your move and I think it’s the correct one. Jesus is good. 

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