Lil Mets, Lil Yanks, Lil Bullshit

Matt Harvey pretty much gave all these reasons.
Matt Harvey pretty much gave all these reasons.

So let’s first discuss Matt Harvey showing up late…I get it. He’s pissed. He wanted game 1 and got game 3. Well too fucking bad! Grow up, young bull. I love that Wright called him out. I love that TC successfully defused the situation.

The media needs to chill the fuck out, though. And so do the fans. Metsblow Nation, RELAX. Matt Harvey is a MAD PUPPY. He’s a bulldog. He’s our puppy. Some lil chitlins will be like deGrom–perfect and sweet and quiet and all business. Some will be like Harvey–a mad dog off the leash. Wright and TC leashed him up real good. But he’s still lashing out. He’ll do things like that. It’s his nature. You still should love him. These are our kiddies, and not everyone can be the angel that deGrom can be. There are Tim Duncans and there are Kobe Bryants. You want both on your team. We must continue to help Harvey grow as best as we can. Nothing is worse than a mad dog that gets beat. We must nurture his growth witht he right combination of discipline and love. Remember that. Remember that he’s still just a puppy. Remember that Wright DID discipline him. He ain’t getting off that easy. Game 3 is his.

Now, on to the Yankees: HAW HAW! HAW FUCKING HAW! Way to boo, you stupid fucking retarded fans. You spoiled pieces of shit. Fuck y’all. And I love that Gomez and his balky hip hit a dinger. Kaboom. So glad they lost. And now they’re all saying, “good luck Mets! We like both NY teams!” FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING LOSERS!!! Go away.

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