The Importance of the No-No

Mets 1, Nats 0

The Mets pulled deGrom in the middle of a no-no bid today. Yesterday, Scherzer no-hit the Mets.

BEAUTIFUL. PERFECT. I couldn’t think of a better “we don’t give a fuck, fuck you” than today. Yes, granted, we’re not hitting well. The bats are cold. But the point is the game didn’t mean SHIT. Yesterday’s no-no didn’t mean SHIT. Today’s would not have meant SHIT. And that’s what’s so great. We don’t caaaaaaare. The season is over. We’re onto the playoffs. A no-no? Well, look, when it was Nohan, it was different. Nohan took a cursed franchise and finally got us of an epic, embarrassing schnide. Today would have been NOTHING. It would have been sinking down to their try-hard level and risking injury.

I love that deGrom was pulled. I love that zero stock was put into this game. Beat LA.

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