Never Been Happier About a Loss

Will the Mets lose today? Probably. I’m not even gonna wait to post this.

I don’t care! The Gods are good!! Somehow, Cespedes isn’t dead. The last 3 hours took about 3 years off my life. But we prayed to the Red God and Yoenis is born again. Good news for Mets fans. This season is so not us. We never get good news. Unreal.

Don’t play the starters. Philly is after us. The Nats will be, too. Don’t risk it. Sit the starters. Sit them and pray. 

By the way, Flores left the game with lower back stiffness. Same as Matz. Spinal stenosis is contagious. Pray pray pray. 

Oh and also, this game totally sucked. Long and painful and sloppy as shit. Look how much we blow without Cespedes. 

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