A Postblow, A Preblow, and Some Notes


Os 5, Mets 4

Thor battled, but without going 7 and giving way to Clippard and Familia, we can’t win games. Our bullpen blows. Robles and Smallhat Torres (now the only Torres) couldn’t hold leads. Torres let up a walkoff dinger to a shrimpy ass dude. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that I think Bighat is good, but fact is: Smallhat sucks, too. The bullpen sucks. The starters have to be elite for us to win. The bullpen has exploded since Bighat and Mejia left. Also, Cuddyer shouldn’t be out there. Cespedes probably makes that catch. Bullshit dinger in a bullshit stadium. Still, Torres should never be in during a tie game. We completely blew his arm out last year and the year before. Put Gee in the pen. Blevins said he is, “shooting for October.” Shooting like the shooting pain in his leg.

Lucas Duda was caught stealing in this game. Read that again.

Wilmer Flores hit a dinger and also signed autographs on photos of him crying in the dugout.

Where’s Reynolds, Herrera, and Rosario? And Nimmo and Greasy Cecchini? I’m sure we’ll hear about them more as the Mets start squirming out of resigning Cespedes. Herrera is in Vegas batting .350, which translates to about .100 in NY. Gotta bat about .600 in Vegas. All these guys get to the show and have under .300 OBPs. Maverick philosophy.

The Nationals LOST their half game opportunity. I had us penciled in for only 3 games up going into this weekened, but Scherzer got beat because the Nats couldn’t score in Colorado. NL LEEEEEEAAAASSST. I couldn’t care less. Cards had 83 regular season wins in 2006. It’s great. Win the fucking division. 4 games up. NATTITUDE! Such nattitude. It’s their division to lose, right Jayson Werthless? Spelling your name with a Y like a girl.

Span will come back at 100% and crush it. Wright will come back and have back spasms on the field.

Tonight, we start a 3 game series in Colorado. We’ve got Colon, Niese, and Verrett. We’re skipping Harvey’s start. I’m fine with it. Win ballgames. Protect the kid coming off of TJ. We’re not being cocky with a 4 game lead, we’re just being cautious and I like it. Save Harvey for the bigger games. This is to avoid shutting him down. Obviously, shutting him down would be the stupidest move in baseball history (cough cough Nationals Strasburg Nattitude cough cough), so if skipping 1 start leads to keeping him around the rest of the way, I’m fine with it.

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