Biggest Game of the Season

1st place on the line...
1st place on the line…

Mets 3, Nats 2

So that was last night. Nothing to say, really. Same ol’ Mets? Sort of. Duda has protection now!! And he used it to his advantage!! 2 dingers yesterday. 3 RBI. He has 8 dingers in his last 7 games. I think the weight is off of his shoulders a bit and that’s beautiful.

Tonight we take center stage. We love collapsing during the nationally televised games. This is a big test for Thor, Cespedes, and the whole damn team. Zimmerman usually mows us the fuck down, but so did everyone else. It’s a new damn day…or is it? We could be tied for 1st place by night’s end, or 2 games back. Huge. SO HUGE. A sweep would be tremendous. It would really say a lot. The fact that we took the first two is big already, but a sweep against the current division leader would do wonders for us.

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