A Cespedes for the Rest of Us

Yoenis Cespedes
Yoenis Cespedes

Craziest 48 hours in franchise history.

The Cubano has come.

The impact bat has come.

Hats off to Maverick. Giving up Fulmer and Cessa was big, but Cespedes is the man. It’s a great move. The Mets are the big winners of the deadline. I’d say the Astros were, but they’re not because of Gomez’s balky hip, of course.

Of course, I won’t believe it until Cespedes is in a Mets uniform.

I won’t complain. I won’t be out. But…now we gotta win this series. WE MUST. We’ve gotta show Cespedes that he’s on the right team. We have to make a real run.

One thought on “A Cespedes for the Rest of Us

  1. Even if Cespedes loses 40 points off his BA he’ll still have the highest BA on the team when it’s all said and done. This just in: Murphy playing 1B tonight after Duda mashed HRs this week so Murphy can injure Nats in bizarre first base collisions. You rock, Terry!


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