Pre/Postblow: Mets…Win…?

We're all confused.
We’re all confused.

Mets 2, Dodgers 1

I guess we’re not THAT confused. Thor is an ace. The Mets only scored 2 runs. We win games 2-1. It happens. Pretty textbook. On the road, though? Crazier things have happened.

Chalk this one up to Vegas rigging. The Mets, with a greater chance of losing than for Kershaw to throw a no-no, were a LOCK. Vegas having the Mets down by astronomical odds. They never win on the road. They never win against good pitching. Blah blah blah. What a Vegas doublebluff. It was so obvious.

Some fun facts:

~Mayberry hit cleanup last night. That’s gold. I think Syndergaard is better suited for that spot. Having said that, Mayberry KILLS lefties, now doesn’t he? I’m sure Clayton was shaking in his boots when he saw the middle of our lineup.

~d’Arnaud officially has no timetable for his return.

~Howie Rose got sick. Feel better, Howie! You’re one of the good ones. And that is so rare.

~Wright is “optimistic.” About what? 2016?

~Justin Giantsbane, former Met, is batting .314 and will likely be an all-star. We let him walk. I guess he’s doing better because he has Peterson, AeGon, and Puig around him. Hmmm…teamwork? Talented lineup? Vat are zeez tings?

~Tejada is 5 for 9 lifetime against Kershaw. I guess Kershaw is dogshit.

PREBLOW: Harvey v Greinke. Same thing could happen. Why the hell not? Oh, because we’re the Mets, right.

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