Series Preblow: Reds, Matz, 6-Man, Dogshit


This weekend, the Mets will host the Reds. Back home. HOORAY!

The big news, of course, is that the Mets have promoted Steven Matz to The Show. Jon Niese said that he’s starting on Sunday. Sources say Matz will start. It’s already a clusterfuck! Remember when the Mets said they were going with a 6-man rotation? Then abandoned it? Now it’s back? Are monkeys running this thing? I think they’re spinning a roulette wheel or rolling dice (AAA team in Vegas, after all) and whatever number gets landed on is the number of pitchers they’ll use.

The whole move is absurdly transparent. Kowtowing and desperately trying to appease the fan base, the Wilpons are trying this move. We’re not dumb. We’re all saying the same thing: “Oh boy, another stud pitcher to lose games 1-0.”

So here we are, back at home, and playing a team under .500 (though they did just beat the Pirates’ Cole, who likely starts the all-star game this year), with a staff of aces and an elite closer. And yet…we will be out of contention soon. Fire everyone.

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