Today in Metsblow Nation: Another Typical 24 Hours for the Mets

Ain't nothin but a Gee thang, baby.
Ain’t nothin but a Gee thang, baby.

Here’s what has happened in the last 24 hours. None of this is exaggerated or spun or given the usual Metsblow zing. This is just the hard poop.

~Opening Day 2014 starter Dillon Gee went unclaimed and got bounced to Vegas. He is, in the eyes of Major League Baseball, officially worthless.

~The Cubs tried to trade with us and we passed. We passed on Baez, an objectively better SS than anyone we have.

~Mets postseason odds, according to the all-knowing computer on, hit a season low at 28%.

~With Conforto raking in the minors, Sandy announced that he had no intention of bringing him up.

~The Athletics openly stated they are willing to deal Zobrist, a stud that plays multiple infield positions that we desperately need. We made a hard pass.

~Daniel Murphy suffered a setback. This is the 2nd time in a week that the Mets have lied about his return date.

~Travis d’Arnaud, expected back in the lineup today, is still hyperextended. He’s probably dead. HYPER MODE activated *cue music from Marvel v. Capcom.*

~The normally sycophantic Mets media is pushing for Flores to be moved off SS. The normally sycophantic Mets media, for the first time I’ve ever seen, is fed up. Usually they call for the manager’s head (they’re doing that, too) as a way to alleviate blame from the front office. Today, they are vocally distraught over the polarization of our pitching and the rest of our play. They are deeming Sandy a “procrastinator,” and saying that a move must be made now. Because the future is now. They’re actually quoting Metsblow. It’s a sight to behold. The Mets front office can’t even keep the guys they pay to write nice things in check.

~Former Met Darryl Hamilton was tragically shot and killed in a murder-suicide.

There you have it. Today in Metsblow nation.

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