Is Vandy Better Than The Mets?

My alma mater.
My alma mater.

Listen, I don’t like to go off book, too much. Metsblow prides itself on it’s sitcom-like formula: Mets show promise in Spring, this year’s gonna be different, Metsblow, struggling, sputtering, signs of life, masking tape, struggling, wheels fall off, repeat. Classic formula. Bang, zoom, to the moon! We like to focus on the Mets and how much they blow. I don’t like to talk too much about other teams, unless it’s to preview them before they roll into town and destroy us.

But I have to go out of MLB today. I have to because my alma mater, Vanderbilt, is one win away from the college chip. Dansby Swanson, last year’s CWS MVP, was the #1 draft pick. This would make for back-to-back chips for Vandy.

So, is a college team better than the Mets? We know for a FACT that the Mets minor leaguers are better than the major leaguers (see the plot of Major League 3: Back to the Minors), and that they’re only still down there because they need their “reps.” Don’t believe me? Well, what about when Thor was down there? Thor and Matz are taking 2 out of 3 in 3 game series against us, MARK IT DOWN. They score runs.

Anyway, this is a huge rant (like every article). I’ll stick to the Mets, I swear. But I just want to let the world know that a college team is better than the Mets. They’re better. They’re actually better. They score runs sometimes.

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