Postblow: Harvey Sends Message to the Nonbelievers

You have to make the climb without the rope.
You have to make the climb without the rope.

Mets 3, Blue Jays 2

Just when the nonbelievers were saying Harvey was “overrated,” he goes out and rocks Shittifield. 7 innings, 0 runs, 0 walks, 6 Ks, only 4 H, and perhaps most telling he had four 1-2-3 innings. He was pumped as fuck, with his energy infecting the team and the fans. The ACE. I love him. He had an RBI double, too. Also, the Blue Jays had come into this series scoring 8 runs/game over their 11 game winning streak. Thor stopped the streak, and Harvey buried ’em. 2-game sweep.

As of now, the Metsblow war room consists of two people, other than myself. To my war room guy in the Bahamas: if the Mets keep playing like this, I don’t think you should come back. Don’t fuck with the chi.

Everything’s really going our way. Greasy Ceciliani and Ruben Sangwich both look good. They’re SIGNIFICANTLY better than Kirk and Soup. That’s big. With Murphy coming back on Saturday (I’ll believe it when I see it), we might actually have a bench. Key word: MIGHT.

Sidenote: We resigned Kirk. HA. HA. HA. Ow, my sides. I’m holding my sides because that’s such a funny joke.

Complaint Department: We almost lost. We didn’t get any insurance runs (3 run limit, boys!) and our pen is shakier by the day. We’re garbage dogshit. But we won. But we’re in 1st place. So how does the front office feel? “Since we’re already in 1st, we see no reason to make a move.” -Sandy

Also, I’m not sure why the “complaint department” is a section of this page. The entire website is one giant complaint department. That’s another complaint. Be less organized.

Bobby Parnell could help us. Although his velocity is way down and he’s really laboring up there. He got a big FAT K on a big fat breaking ball when he really needed it. That was good. I don’t understand how his ‘bow is worse than Tanaka’s right now. I guess I understand it because life is rigged and Parnell has METS disease and Tanaka has YANKEES magic voodoo. Mejia’s return will help us, as well.

d’Arnaud has a hit in every game since his return. Recker has 2 hits on the season. This is a big change and a big reason why we’re competing again. 2-game sweep completed. Now we go to Toronto for 2 more.

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